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Girl Defective

by Simone Howell
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Set during summer in St Kilda, the story follows Skylark Martin - nearly 16 and never been kissed. Living over Bill’s Wishing Well - a second hand record store – with her father (Bill) and younger brother Secret Agent Gully she dreams of the adventure and romance. Sky’s only friend Nancy is four years her senior and everything Sky wishes to be; alluring, world-weary and confident.

When Luke Casey – captivatingly shy and artistic - starts working at her dad’s record store Sky finds herself caught up in both Luke and the mystery surrounding his sister’s death two months earlier. I particularly loved the significance music played in the novel, through both Sky’s dad’s refusal to let go of the songs of his youth to her blossoming interest in the local music scene of St Kilda.

Simone Howell’s writing is wonderful, if you haven’t read her other two novels Notes From a Teenage Underground or Everything Beautifulmake sure you do! All three are unique, warm, funny and realistically gritty.- Amelia


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