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A World Of Your Own

by Laura Carlin
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So much of a child’s art education is spent being told whether they have done a good or bad drawing – without really being told why. Likewise, very few children’s books encourage readers to understand different drawing techniques and develop confidence in their own style.

A Drawing Book tackles the how to’s of drawing in a very direct, personal way. Much more than a doodle book, it asks the child to look around and try to draw their own experiences, favourite things and best memories. What is home like? If you could fill the corner shop with anything – what would it be? What does someone look like when they run? Laura develops a child’s confidence in their own ability by asking them to define these things in a visual way. In this sense, this drawing book is also a manifesto of a child’s own world.

The book is a combination of Laura’s observations, drawings and tasks, as well as a discussion of sketching tools, techniques and methods of drawing. Themes discussed include: home, school, on a Saturday, in the city, different people, what I like, outside, holidays.


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