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365 More Simple Science Experiments With Everyday Materials

by E. Richard Churchill, Louis V. Loesching & Muriel Mandell
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More than 300 experiments are broken down into 32 chapters. The first seven chapters focus on the physics of the natural world. In the next eight chapters, kids learn about science using everyday foods. Seven chapters after that relate to time, followed by seven chapters explain some puzzling ideas about nature. The final chapters help readers explore the science of space. Most of the experiments are easy enough for kids to execute on their own, while a few may require the aid of a parent or partner.Some of the hundreds of experiments include how to make vinegar, milk a potato, catch sound, stick pins in a balloon without popping it, and make 1 + 1 not equal 2. Through these engaging experiments kids learn about specific scientific phenomena such as gravity, electricity, magnification, magnetism, oxidation, and more. Perfect for kids who like to explore the natural world or need something fun and inexpensive to do for science fairs.

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