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Review: Harry Potter & the Cursed Child

Reading Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is like going on a nostalgic trip to your home town and all of the old friends you grew up with are there, exactly the way you remember them, yet changed somehow. It answers questions that had been left unanswered and fuses past and present in an enchanting little package. Obviously, picking up the Harry Potter script book comes with weighty connotations, but I wasn’t expecting to come away from this new instalment with such enthusiasm. Whilst the magic remains hovering on the sidelines, the relationship between Harry and his youngest son Albus carries most of the conflict throughout the story in a very raw and humorous way. As well as the reappearance of a Time-Turner, fans will find some of their favourite components of the series peppered throughout the script like small bursts of magic that leap off the page! That said, I think The Cursed Child needs to be read as a ‘Harry Potter story’ rather than ‘the eighth book’; if you read it this way, I am sure you will find, like I did, all the story and character complexities, interplay of good versus evil, and meticulously crafted shades of light and dark that exist in the previous books. The dialogue is charming, heartfelt and absorbing, making for a more lighthearted read (especially the banter between Hermione and Ron!) As a Harry Potter fan, I was not disappointed!.


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